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Shadow Professional (Vista Ready)

Удобная программа, для скрытия информации. Скрывает папки от постороннего взгляда, так же удаляет следы Вашего присутствия в Интернете: какие вы сайты посещаете, какие документы скачивали или копировали и т.д.

Shadow Professional is a complete suite of tools to keep web activity, files and documents strictly private. Press start and surf web without any evidence. Make your secret bookmarks hidden, shred files, use disk wiper and have hidden folder for your private documents.

Packed with its Hidden Secret Folders for downloaded files, with Secret Bookmark, with complete Manual Clean Up Editor and with Active Shred Editor - Shadow Professional is premiere, full featured and extremly reliable solution for anyone who wants to take care of their own privacy, whether in home or office.

Размер: 4.4 MB

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