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Take a Knife to Your Budget Over Dinner

Take a Knife to Your Budget Over Dinner

Your wallet will rest much better at night if you would just take lunch to work with you rather than buying it so often.
It might be nice to stop after work and have a couple of drinks at the nearby pub or jazz bar to decompress, but what is it costing you? Depending on your drink of choice, you can probably get twice the number of drinks for the same price if you changed one thing. Rather than stop at the bar, go to a liquor store and go home. Sit on the deck and relax. If the weather is bad then just sit on the couch. You can still go to the bar once in a while; just not so much.
Remember, you do not have to give up coffee, lunch or even drinks after work. If you want to save money though, you are going to have to sacrifice. This is not such a bad place to start. No one expects to be stranded or lost in the wilderness. Whether you travel by car through remote areas or you enjoy a day hike in familiar hills, being prepared for an emergency survival situation can mean the difference between life and death.
Here are the essential ten items to put in a lightweight backpack to ensure you have the best chance of surviving the unexpected.
- Fire starting equipment
- Tarp - 50 ft. of nylon rope - Knife - Water bottle - Lightweight cooking pot - Emergency poncho - Compass - Whistle and mirror - First-aid kit
50 ft. of Nylon Rope A sturdy length of rope can support your shelter, hoist your belongings and food out of the reach of bears and large cats and even save your life. Though more expensive climbing ropes are optimal...
Knife The most universally useful tool in a wilderness environment is the sports knife. A sturdy hunting or survival knife is not only useful to cut things such as rope and cloth, but also to dig holes, split kindling, hone wooden steaks, clean fish and help accomplish countless other tasks. A shop Knife Vintage with a five-inch blade is the best choice. Choosing the right knife for you, however, can be nearly mind-boggling. While you could easily pay several hundred dollars for a top-notch survival knife, there are adequate knives available for...
Water Bottle Water is life. The ability to store and transport water is a huge advantage in a survival situation. Though plastic water containers will suffice, consider investing a metal backpacking bottle which can also be used to boil water if need be. Any container should have...
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